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Hi, I'm Natalie

I'm the person behind Natalie Stadon Weddings & Events, full of love, happiness and I'm quite the ray of sunshine! Here are a few things about me..

I love Food

I love food! Pasta, pizza, burgers, chips, cakes, pastries, sandwiches, curries, takeaways, sweets and chocolate. Almost everything except seafood - cod & salmon being the only exception.

I'm a Mum

I've been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters aged 12 and 3. They're chaotic, stroppy rays of sunshine and I love being their mum.

I have a dog

Elsa is a white husky with piercing blue eyes, she was called Elsa after the Frozen character by myself not my daughter! She's 9 with all the energy of a puppy and an absolute nightmare to walk.

I love Holidays

I love to travel, kid-free city breaks are my thing. The girls would only moan and whinge and cry about their legs and their boredom so we decided it's best to stick to all inclusive family holidays where the moan risk is minimal with them. Italy is my absolute favourite, Rome, Venice and soon to be Sardinia.

I like to read

I enjoy getting stuck into a good book, not that I get much chance these days. A story that takes you to another life, another world, one that captures me and takes me away from everyday life. It takes me quite some time to find a good book but once I have on I'm glued. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Family time in Cornwall
Natalie enjoying the sunshine
Natalie and her family on the beach
Natalie's 2 daughters having fun
Natalie and her partner
Natalie and her family on a lovely family holiday
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